New puppy? Bored dog? Naughty dog?

Our classes are here to help you and your  dog become a team and enjoy life together! Don’t miss the crucial first months with your puppy.  STAR Puppy is an American Kennel Club program for all puppies up to six months.

Your teenage dog or older dog is welcome in Level I Basic Pet Manners class.  And keep that training going with LEVEL  2 AND 3!

Summer is here! Be ready for fun walks with your dog!

GNDT and Barnhunt Club of Northern Utah sponsored Barn Hunt

Wheaten Buhund on straw bales elkhound on straw bales Black buhund looking between straw bales Jack Russel terrierThe first official Barn Hunt in Southern Idaho was held on Nov 6-8 at Sugar Loaf Arena near Jerome, ID.  Dogs of all sizes and breeds from Idaho, Utah, and Nevada competed.  More practices will start in Feb!

The next barnhunt in our area will be in Farmington, Utah Mar 5-6.

For more on Barn hunts, go to or the Barn Hunt Club of Northern . Any breed or mixed breed may participate.