Vaccinations Required at Our Training Facility

To keep your dog, other class dogs, and my dogs safe and healthy, it is REQUIRED that you show proof that your dog’s vaccinations are current at your first class. The minimum requirements Continue reading

Fall Classes

Summer is over, but let’s get back to those “not-quite-perfect-yet” family companions and walking partners.  Check the schedule  for

  • STAR Puppy class — for all puppies 6 months and younger
  • INTRO to Agility — over 6 months, have at least a short sit-stay, and can be interested in other dogs but not aggressive to dogs or people
  • Basic Manners class —
  • Agility Skills — for dogs who have started agility or experienced people with new dogs to start — Drop in Class. Always check by calling, text, email to see if the schedule has changed.

Fido Need Focus?

Take a little break from the Holiday swirl between Thanksgiving and Christmas and try out the new 4-session class  FOCUS ON ME, PLEASE!!!   While it’s geared towards agility, rally, and obedience, it will improve all dogs manners.

Our January schedule is in the works for 4-H, STAR Puppy,  Rally, and Agility classes.  [Retirement was very boring and my new hip is feeling lively!]


NADOI-certified dog trainer in southern Idaho