STAR Puppy – $80/$60 for previous students

An American Kennel Club program to teach puppies great manners before they learn bad habits. During the six week course, the obedience commands of sit, down, stay, stand for grooming, come when called, and walk politely are covered. In addition, your puppy will learn to greet people without jumping and go on a field trip to a local dog friendly business.  Puppy must have second  puppy vaccination by the start of class and not over 7 months at the start of class.

Meets one hour weekly for 5 weeks at the training building. One  more training session will be at a dog friendly business. Limit: 6 puppies.

Level 1 — Pet Manners $90

This six-week course is for dogs over 6 months old. You will work on good manners when leash walking, around people and other dogs. That means — we work on teaching your dog to stop pulling, stop jumping, and to come when called. It is limited to 5 dogs so each team gets maximum help.

This class meets for one hour weekly for 6 weeks. The last class might have a time shift.

Intro to Agility –  $60/$50 for Previous Students

Think you might like agility, but not sure? Give this 4 week course a try. Open to any dog that has completed an obedience course. You will be introduced to all the agility obstacles and have a great time with your dog while learning the basics of agility. Dog must not be aggressive towards other dogs. Dogs over 6 months can enroll.  Puppies between 6 – 12 months will do age appropriate obstacles.

Meets one hour weekly for 4 weeks. Limit: 6 dogs.

Agility Skills – $5/night/dog

You cannot enroll on-line. This is a drop in class! Contact GNDT at  or fill out Contact Us form to check availability.

Open to graduates of Intro to Agility or by permission of instructor. It is for everyone who wants to continue agility whether for competition or enjoyment. You will work towards voice and signal control of your dog. The obstacles will reach competition standards. Sample courses will be set up.


 Private Lessons

Offered on a limited basis. Cost is $25/hour

Rally Skills – $5/night

You cannot enroll on-line. This is a drop in class! Contact GNDT at  or fill out Contact Us form to check availability.

Prerequisite: Intro to Rally or previous experience. You will be doing complete courses to learn the finer points of training each exercise. Even if you don’t intend to compete, your dog will learn how to listen to you and respond promptly.  We emphasize how to “tune” into your dog so both of you enjoy the work.

Intro to Rally- $60

Offered Occasionally. Prerequisite: Level II Class. Rally is a fast growing obedience competition and for good reason. The beginner level starts the foundation work for the higher levels of obedience competition in a fun, less formal environment.

This is an hour long class meeting weekly for 6 weeks. Limit: 6 dogs

FOCUS on ME, PLEASE!!! – $40

Offered Occasionally: A four week class of foundation skills to build focus and drive in competition dogs AND for the pet owner wanting a focused pet. You will learn all kinds of “games” that are easy to do in small spaces — think your kitchen, hallway, bathroom. The result will be a dog wanting to interact and work hard for your attention and approval.

Meets one hour weekly for 4 weeks. Limit: 6 dogs.

Beginner Novice – $60

Offered Occasionally. Prerequisite: Beginning Rally class completion or instructor approval. The class covers how to train and perform each exercise in the Beginner Novice obedience competition. Limit: 6 dogs

Agility Competition Class

Prerequisite: Intro to Agility or Instructor Evaluation.

Offered Occasionally:  You cannot enroll on-line. Contact GNDT at

A formal, structured class building on the essential foundation work for competition standards. The handler works on ring skills as well as training the dog to accurately and quickly negotiate each obstacle. You may enroll in this level more than one time. Equipment set up for 15 minutes and work for approximately one hour (it’s hard to quit when you’re having fun).

Meets weekly. Limit: 6 dogs.

Competition-Obedience Private Lessons

For those owners who want the well-trained dog ready for AKC competition. By appointment only.

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