Our Instructors

We are pleased to introduce Amy Hiscocks, Talented K9 Dog Training. She will be using our training building for her puppy and pet manners classes in the Twin Falls/Burley area. Amy has always owned dogs and pursued her dog training career at the Triple Crown Academy. She’s young, energetic, knowledgeable, and wanting to work hard for her clients.

Good Neighbor Dog Training was founded in 1989 by Anita Crafton and Marti Kincaid. Anita and Marti teamed up after many years of instructing for the Snake River Canyon Kennel Club of Idaho and the 4-H program.

2013-NADOI-BLUE3Marti is an Honorary Life Member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc (NADOI).  She is a past president and current board member and continues to serve on committees.  NADOI is the oldest organization in the world with standards for certifying dog obedience trainers as instructors.

In addition to NADOI’s basic certification, Marti is also certified for Companion Dog Training, Puppy Training, and Agility. She holds a Teaching Certificate from the Idaho State Board of Education in Elementary Education and brings a background of working with many breeds of dogs and other animal species.  In order to keep on top of what’s happening in canine training, she has attended seminars by Dr. Patricia McConnell, Brenda Aloff, Ian Dunbar, Roy Hunter, Terry Ryan, Turid Rugaas, Karen Pryor, Job Michael Evans, Morgan Spector, Virginia Broitman, and other leaders in the field of behavior and training. In 1992, she traveled to England to study behavior with John Rogerson and others. While training her own Norwegian Elkhounds to titles in both the conformation and obedience rings, she continues studying and attending seminars, most recently the NADOI Annual Gathering in Oklahoma City in 2016.  She has always incorporated many of the best ideas to help the owner-dog relationship.

Anita is also an Honorary Life Member of NADOI but retired from teaching in 2007. She still serves the school in a support capacity.

NADOI-certified dog trainer in southern Idaho